I just became unreasonably annoyed and frustrated with seeing some girl’s headshots. They were selfies. And she’s a professional.

Like if you’re that desperate, I will do them for free. Just stop yourself and please don’t use those for marketing yourself. You will regret it.

A long time coming update!

My apologies, I’ve been really busy moving to so many different places, and I’m almost packed to make my several month move to Orlando!

Last month, in fact, on my 2nd to last night in Blacksburg, I made my good friend Andrew my guinea pig! He was the first portrait session I had after getting my new Canon Rebel t3! Without editing, I was already beyond content with the shots thanks to the better quality and the much easier zooming and focusing on what’s important and what’s not. It just makes headshot sessions so much easier! Hopefully I’ll have many more to come. I’m learning a lot more, and with getting down to Disney soon, I’ve befriended some awesome photographers who are always sharing tips and want to go for shoot days in the parks.

Unfortunately, the day was very drab, so it was a very difficult shoot. I usually shoot in the late afternoon on sunny, great clear days, but this one was slightly earlier in the afternoon, and it was raining on and off, with big grey clouds, so that was a new obstacle for me.

Really hope you all like these, and hope Andrew was pleased as well! :)